Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Home’s Siding

There are several tell-tale signs that can help you know when to replace the siding on your home. Replacing the siding on your home will not only make the home look ten times better, but it can also make your home function more efficiently. One of the parts of your home that protects it from the harsh conditions outside is the siding. Without quality siding, air and moisture might make their way into your home, causing damage and forcing the heating and cooling systems to work harder. Make your home more comfortable and more attractive by replacing the siding. Brincks Exteriors are your number one choice for siding professionals in Iowa.

Any of the following signs may indicate that the siding on your Iowa home needs to be replaced. If you discover any of these siding issues in your home, call Brincks today:

  • Fading Siding: If your siding is faded or discolored, it is a sign that it is old and should probably be replaced. Aside from giving the home poor appearance, fading is probably an indication that the siding is no longer effective and needs to be replaced since the color usually lasts only as long as the siding is rated.
  • Loose and Cracked Siding: Siding that is loose on the home or that has started to crack might let moisture or pests into the home. Whether this is the result of age or of storm damage, this siding should be replaced.
  • Rotted or Warped Siding: If the siding on your home is visibly warped, check to see if it has rotted underneath. If it has, you need to replace the siding as soon as possible to prevent more serious damage from occurring.
  • Mold or Mildew Growth: Rotted siding could result in mold growth. Holes and cracks in the siding can also cause moisture to enter the home and lead to mold problems in the interior of your house.
  • Bubbles in Siding: If you see bubbles just under the surface of your siding, which may mean that water has been trapped and that the siding needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Frequent Painting Required: Are you constantly re-painting your home, it is a sign that the siding needs to be replaced. Siding should keep its color and shape for around ten years – if you need to repaint every five years, you need to replace the siding on your Iowa home.
  • Dry Rot on Siding: If you do not find rotting on the underneath layer, but you do see signs of dry rot in your siding, leaving only the top layer of the siding intact, you need to look into replacing your home’s siding.
  • Holes in Siding: Holes in the siding may be the result of insects eating away the siding, or they may be the result of storm or hail damage. Either way, the siding should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Peeling Paint or Wallpaper: Peeling paint and wallpaper inside the home can result from high humidity and moisture coming in from damaged siding. Have the siding replaced to fix this issue.
  • High Energy Bills: If your heating or cooling bills are higher than normal, it may be the result of the siding letting air into your home.

Siding Replacement Options from Brincks for Your Iowa Home

cementsidingHere at Brincks Exteriors, we provide several different siding options to give you the siding that is just right for your home. If you want easy to maintain, consider our vinyl siding. Seamless siding from Brincks is long-lasting and looks great. For a traditional feel, consider wood shake siding. If you want a “green” option, our cement fiber siding is just what you need.

Contact Brincks right away for more information on siding replacement and installation for your Iowa home.

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New Roof Looks Great

We hired Brincks Exteriors to install a new metal roof on our home. They got back to us very quickly to measure our roof and provide us with a quote. The crew was extremely friendly and the roof looks great. We’re very happy that we switched to metal! We highly recommend Brincks Exteriors!

Beverly - Des Moines

Storm Damage Repair

We had a very bad hail storm that damaged our roof, windows, siding, and many other parts of our property. We called Brincks Exteriors for an estimate on roof repair, window replacements, and to fix damaged siding. Jason was able to provide us with a quote to fix all our issues and gave us different options…

Tom - Carroll, Iowa


Our office needed a new roof after a hail storm damaged to the point where we began to have roof leaks. After having a great experience, we hired them to redo a flat roof on one of our other office locations.

Jeff - Green Bay, WI


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