How to Clean Your Gutters

Ensuring that your home has clean gutters will help to prevent several major problems down the road. If the gutters on your home become clogged, it may weigh them down, causing them to sag or break. The buildup of dirt and debris may also cause them to pull away from your home, affecting your drainage system. Clogged gutters may cause the water that drains through them to overflow. This water will then run down your home and pool around the foundation. Improper drainage that causes water to run down your walls will result in water stains or crumbling concrete in the foundation. In order to keep this from happening, it is important to have your gutters cleaned regularly, at least once a year. Brincks Exterior encourages you to properly maintain your gutters; the better care you take of your gutters, the better shape your foundation, siding, and entire home will be in.

Keeping your gutters cleaned out is a continual process. It is most effective to clean out your gutters once or twice a year (after spring and fall) and whenever you notice twigs, leaves, or other kinds of debris building up in them. If you notice any of the following problems in your home, it is a sure sign that it is time to clean your gutters:

  • Basement Cracks
  • Moldy Siding
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Pooling Water
  • Crumbling Foundation
  • Water Stains
  • Basement Leaks

These are all issues that can result from clogged gutters. Even though the cleaning process may require a lot of time and work, it is best to get it done so that your home does not suffer any further damage as a result of your clogged gutters.

Steps to Clean Out Gutters

There are a few basic steps to effectively cleaning out your gutters:

  1. The first step is to assess the severity of the situation and set aside time to get the job done.
  2. Next, get a ladder and gloves to manually scoop the leaves and other debris out of the gutters. Caution should be used when cleaning out gutters, as the edges of the gutter are often sharp and the openings narrow.
  3. A hose can also be used to wash out excess dirt and check for leaks in the gutters.
  4. Have a helper! Being on ladders and on roofing can be dangerous work, make sure you always have someone around to hold the ladder and help out.

The gutters are meant to help prevent foundation problems and moisture problems in your home. If they are not properly maintained, it will be much harder for them to do their job. Keeping your gutters well cleaned and in good shape can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. If the damage to your gutters is too extreme, contact the gutter repair and replacement professionals at Brincks Exterior.

We provide residents of Iowa and Nebraska with quality gutter services to make sure that their homes are well protected from rainwater and runoff from melting snow. Call us today for more information.

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