How Hail Can Damage Iowa Siding

There are many ways that hail can cause damage to the siding on your Iowa home. This can cause a variety of different issues both inside and outside your home. Damaged siding due to hail storms can also lead to higher heating and cooling bills. Keep costs down and comfort up in your home by replacing your siding with one of the siding options offered at Brincks Exteriors. We provide professional siding installation with several different siding choices for your Iowa home.

There are a few different factors that may make your home vulnerable to hail damage. If your siding is of a low quality, it may be susceptible to holes and other kinds of hail damage. Higher grade siding is usually thicker and more difficult to puncture. The age of the siding may also come into play. Older siding might be brittle and more likely to crack or break. Even higher quality siding that is no longer in good condition might be more likely to be damaged by hail storms. South facing wall especially become vulnerable due to increased UV ray exposure.

If your siding is vulnerable, there are a couple of different ways that hail storms can cause siding damage:

  • Chips or Holes in Siding
  • Siding Cracks
  • Rotted or Warped Siding
  • Loose Siding

These are all issues that can result from hail storms. If the hail hits the siding with enough force, it might puncture it. This results in holes that can let water enter the siding. This water entry leads to even bigger problems, like mold growth and rotting or warped siding. Wind and hail can even cause the siding to become loose or cracked.

Siding Hail Damage and Insurance Claims in Iowa

Dealing with hail damage and storm damage to your siding and your roof is bad enough without having to fight your insurance company. That is why if you choose Brincks for your siding replacement and repair after storm damage, we will work with your insurance company to get you the best coverage. While insurance sometimes covers full siding replacement after a storm, it may only apply to the damaged portions of the walls.

The siding and roofing replacement services that we offer are just part of our storm damage repair solution. We also strive to keep you worry-free by handling insurance matters. Call us today to find out how we can repair storm damage to your siding and work out the best coverage with your insurance company. Brincks Exteriors is happy to offer these services to our customers in the state of Iowa.

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New Roof Looks Great

We hired Brincks Exteriors to install a new metal roof on our home. They got back to us very quickly to measure our roof and provide us with a quote. The crew was extremely friendly and the roof looks great. We’re very happy that we switched to metal! We highly recommend Brincks Exteriors!

Beverly - Des Moines

Storm Damage Repair

We had a very bad hail storm that damaged our roof, windows, siding, and many other parts of our property. We called Brincks Exteriors for an estimate on roof repair, window replacements, and to fix damaged siding. Jason was able to provide us with a quote to fix all our issues and gave us different options…

Tom - Carroll, Iowa


Our office needed a new roof after a hail storm damaged to the point where we began to have roof leaks. After having a great experience, we hired them to redo a flat roof on one of our other office locations.

Jeff - Green Bay, WI


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