Gutter Repair

GuttersAlthough it may be low on your priority list, gutter repair is a vital part of maintaining and keeping moisture out of your home. Whether from spring storms or fallen leaves, even the smallest damage to your gutters should be repaired promptly to avoid having to get your whole gutter system replaced. Brincks Exteriors will not only come to your home to inspect your gutters, but our gutter experts will also find and repair even the most minute damages to save you money in the long run.


In many instances, you will be able to see your gutter damage to know that it needs to be repaired. In other cases, though, it takes a trained eye to really be able to see what’s going on. If you haven’t had your gutters inspected in a while, have had a tree limb fall recently, or experienced harsh weather, it may be time to go outside and take a look for any of the following signs that mean your gutters need repairing:

  • Localized damage
  • Small cracks and holes
  • Loose hangers
  • Areas of insecure fasteners

If you notice any of these common signs of needed gutter repair or any other wears and tears, contact Brincks Exteriors. Our team will come to your home for a thorough inspection to see what needs to be repaired, or if gutter replacement is a better option.

featured customer reviews

New Roof Looks Great

We hired Brincks Exteriors to install a new metal roof on our home. They got back to us very quickly to measure our roof and provide us with a quote. The crew was extremely friendly and the roof looks great. We’re very happy that we switched to metal! We highly recommend Brincks Exteriors!

Beverly - Des Moines

Storm Damage Repair

We had a very bad hail storm that damaged our roof, windows, siding, and many other parts of our property. We called Brincks Exteriors for an estimate on roof repair, window replacements, and to fix damaged siding. Jason was able to provide us with a quote to fix all our issues and gave us different options…

Tom - Carroll, Iowa


Our office needed a new roof after a hail storm damaged to the point where we began to have roof leaks. After having a great experience, we hired them to redo a flat roof on one of our other office locations.

Jeff - Green Bay, WI


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