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We know you take pride in your home and are always looking for ways to make it better. The professionals at Brinck’s Exteriors can help you take your home’s exterior to the next level. We can handle all of your exterior needs, including roofing, siding, windows, and gutters. We offer free estimates and use the highest quality materials we can find.


We work on all size homes: no job is too big, nor too small. We can do roofing on new construction or replace roofing that has been damaged or is just worn out.



We can also install siding on any size home. Your home will look brand new!

old-siding-225x300  new-siding


The Andersen windows we install will really make your place stand out while reducing your energy bills.

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If you are in need of any home exterior upgrades, give the experts at Brinck’s Exteriors a call and let them show you what they can do.

Facts About Flat Roofing In Iowa

Why Should I Install A Flat Roof?

If you want to maintain the safety and value of your home or workplace, you will be in need of a good quality roof. When your roof is sturdy and durable, it prevents water leaks and other outside forces that can cause damage and decay. If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective roof for your residential or commercial building, you should consider having a flat roof installed.

There are many advantages to having a flat roof. Firstly, they are very versatile, as they are practical on small structures and look attractive on large ones. When it comes to installation and repair, a flat roof is easily accessible to workers. Also, your installation and repair costs will be surprisingly low because less labor, time and building materials are required. If you need to get it re-coated, that is also an easy and inexpensive endeavor. Flat roofs have a long lifespan of 10-20 years and require little maintenance.

You may be wondering how a flat roof could be beneficial in Iowa, with all the rain and snow we can get. Here is an interesting fact for you: Flat roofs aren’t completely flat! When built, they are slightly sloped downwards to allow for water runoff and proper drainage. They are even covered with a tar paper for extra waterproofing.

A popular use for flat roofing in Iowa is “garden roofs” or porch coverings. You can upgrade your home with a flat roof extension to cover your garden or sitting area in the front of your house. This would make your front yard a great place to hang out and be protected from the weather. It also boosts the value of your home and gives it more curb appeal.

Types of Flat Roofing

There are three different types of flat roofing that we will discuss. The first is called a “Built Up Roof” (BUR). BUR’s are your more traditional roof made of waterproof plies, hot tar, and smooth river stone. They work excellently against fire danger and are the cheapest option for flat roofing. They are also attractive if you have a window or porch that overlooks the roof. The only downside to BUR roofing is that it is a smelly and messy ordeal when installing. The material is very heavy and can clog the gutters if the process is not done correctly. If you are thinking of getting a Built Up Roof, hire a professional instead of attempting to do it yourself. This type of installation should only be done to a building that is unoccupied during the process.

Another type of flat roof is called a modified bitumen. These are rolled single ply roofs that can be installed in two different ways. It is safer and easier to get a “peel and stick” modified bitumen flat roof so that you can easily apply it. Otherwise, you will have to use the torch down method which requires to heat the adhesive as the roof is unrolled. This can be very dangerous, so if you are planning on doing this yourself make sure to get a peel and stick version.

Rubber membrane flat roofs are made of true rubber called EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). These flat roofs look like an inner tube and are designed to resist damage from the sun. They can be installed with glue, fastened mechanically, or ballasted with stone. Rubber membrane roofs are easy to install yourself because of their light but durable material, and they are also easy to patch if damaged.

If you are considering a flat roof for your home or business building, don’t hesitate to call Brincks Exteriors today! We are your flat roofing experts in Iowa.

How Hail Can Damage Iowa Siding

There are many ways that hail can cause damage to the siding on your Iowa home. This can cause a variety of different issues both inside and outside your home. Damaged siding due to hail storms can also lead to higher heating and cooling bills. Keep costs down and comfort up in your home by replacing your siding with one of the siding options offered at Brincks Exteriors. We provide professional siding installation with several different siding choices for your Iowa home.

There are a few different factors that may make your home vulnerable to hail damage. If your siding is of a low quality, it may be susceptible to holes and other kinds of hail damage. Higher grade siding is usually thicker and more difficult to puncture. The age of the siding may also come into play. Older siding might be brittle and more likely to crack or break. Even higher quality siding that is no longer in good condition might be more likely to be damaged by hail storms. South facing wall especially become vulnerable due to increased UV ray exposure.

If your siding is vulnerable, there are a couple of different ways that hail storms can cause siding damage:

  • Chips or Holes in Siding
  • Siding Cracks
  • Rotted or Warped Siding
  • Loose Siding

These are all issues that can result from hail storms. If the hail hits the siding with enough force, it might puncture it. This results in holes that can let water enter the siding. This water entry leads to even bigger problems, like mold growth and rotting or warped siding. Wind and hail can even cause the siding to become loose or cracked.

Siding Hail Damage and Insurance Claims in Iowa

Dealing with hail damage and storm damage to your siding and your roof is bad enough without having to fight your insurance company. That is why if you choose Brincks for your siding replacement and repair after storm damage, we will work with your insurance company to get you the best coverage. While insurance sometimes covers full siding replacement after a storm, it may only apply to the damaged portions of the walls.

The siding and roofing replacement services that we offer are just part of our storm damage repair solution. We also strive to keep you worry-free by handling insurance matters. Call us today to find out how we can repair storm damage to your siding and work out the best coverage with your insurance company. Brincks Exteriors is happy to offer these services to our customers in the state of Iowa.

Sectional Gutters vs. Seamless Gutters

The Importance of Seamless Gutters

Are you thinking about purchasing new gutters for your home? The decision of whether to buy a seamless gutter or a sectional gutter system can be a major one. It’s important to know the difference between both. Without proper gutters, excess rainwater can build up and around your foundation. You could have issues with water damage to your structure, roof, and ceiling. If you need help determining the best gutter system for your home, here are some important differences between sectional and seamless gutters.

Years ago, only sectional gutters were sold on the market. Installing sectional gutters were an easy, inexpensive DIY job that didn’t require special equipment. Sectional gutters consist of smaller pre-cut sections and pieces,  then joined together during installation.

Although sectional gutters are less expensive and easy to install, they have several drawbacks.

  • They are prone to debris accumulations. Leaves and other types of debris can clog them, requiring more cleaning and maintenance compared to seamless gutters.
  • They are more susceptible to leaks since sections are pieced together with connectors and sealant.
  • Fewer available colors

Today, seamless gutters are gaining popularity due to these drawbacks. Because of their continuous design, seamless gutters are less susceptible to leaks and water issues. They only use one single piece that looks more attractive than gutters with joints and fasteners.

Benefits of Our Seamless Gutters

seamless-gutters-blogIf you’re trying to decide the best gutter system for your home, here are some benefits of seamless gutters:

  • Less maintenance
  • Available in a variety of materials and colors
  • Never requires painting
  • Customized to fit your property
  • Protects the structure against water damage and accumulation
  • Looks more attractive than sectional gutters
  • Protects the aesthetic appearance of the property
  • Creates a uniform look
  • Resists weight of debris, dirt, snow, or ice
  • Will not sag or leak

Although seamless gutters are more expensive than sectional gutters, they are made to last for 20 years. We use quality gutter products from ACM and Rollex, so your gutters can withstand harsh weather conditions and will not rust or rot over time. If you’re looking for an experienced seamless gutter installer, contact Brincks Exteriors today. We offer quality gutter installation to prevent water damage to your property.

The Benefits Of Replacing Windows In Your Home

There are lots of reasons that you may consider having the windows in your Iowa home replaced. If you have older, wood windows in your home, you may get tired of dealing with the maintenance. If you see condensation on the inside of your windows, or they are fogging up between the panes or on the inside, you may consider replacement windows. Windows that are difficult to open or close and get stuck often may also need to be replaced. These are all quite obvious signs that you may need replacement windows from Brincks Exteriors. There are, however, some other reasons that you may want to consider replacing the windows in your Iowa home.

Newer replacement windows such as the many different kinds that we offer at Brincks can provide some of the following benefits:

  • Better Energy Efficiency: Replacing the older windows in your home can result in a better seal that will make your home more insulated and lower your heating and cooling bills, significantly raising the value of your home overall.
  • More Light: Our replacement windows with smaller frames and larger panes let in more light than many older windows, leaving your home a brighter, happier place.
  • Better Curb Appeal: New windows also give your home an updated look that is great if you are trying to sell your home anytime in the near future.
  • More UV Protection: With the better UV protection that newer windows offer, your furniture and walls will be less likely to fade due to the light coming in.
  • Increased Noise Reduction: Newer windows can also reduce the amount of noise that gets into or out of your home for better privacy.
  • Improved Air Flow: Higher quality windows will also make the airflow and ventilation in your home better, allowing you to enjoy nice weather from indoors.
  • Easier Maintenance: Our replacement windows are generally much easier to maintain than most older windows in homes.

If you see rotting wood, condensation, cracking trim, or other signs of window failure, consider investing in new windows from Brincks Exteriors.

Replacement Window Options from Brincks Exteriors

windows-andersen4We can provide you with several different kinds of windows to fit the distinct style and needs of your home. Some of the different kinds of windows that we offer for your Iowa home include:

  • Single-Hung Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bay and Bow Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Picture Windows

These are some of the options that we have for windows in your Iowa home. Our windows are high quality and come in several different sizes and colors to fit your home perfectly. We use products from one of the leaders in the industry, Andersen Windows to make sure that you get only the best for your home. Contact us today to find out more about replacement windows and window repair for your Iowa home.

We Use The Industry’s Best Roofing Equipment

The Right Tool for the Job

Experience and skill are important things to have when performing work on someone’s home or business, but if you use poor quality tools or products, you’re going to have to work harder to achieve quality results. The professionals at Brincks Exteriors take pride in their work and want your home to not only look good but have long-lasting results. That is why we are very particular about the tools and products we use and put our name behind. We are proud to use tools from Equipter. We really like the RB4000, a self-propelled “roofer’s buggy”, that we use to haul debris from projects and then drive it to the dumpster. This makes for a cleaner job site and allows us to complete a job in a shorter amount of time.

When we install seamless gutters, we choose to use products from American Construction Metals (ACM) and Rollex. ACM products are easy to install, but are rugged and guaranteed to last the lifetime of your home. They are available in a wide range of colors, making it easier for us to match the product to the style of your home. The gutters that come from Rollex are made of a heavy-duty aluminum that can withstand the harsh conditions that occur in the area. They can be loaded down with snow, ice, dirt, and leaves without sagging or leaking. The baked-on finish is both inside and outside of the gutter, so there will be no need to paint and you won’t have to worry about them rusting or rotting. We also recommend installing Gutter Domes. These covers will keep pine needles, leaves, dirt, seed and whirly birds out of your gutters and clogging up your downspouts.

It doesn’t matter what type of roof your home or business has, we have the right product for it. We can install asphalt or wood shingles, in addition to flat roofs and metal roofing. We use roofing products from Tamko, CertainTeed and ABC Supply Co. Inc. Tamko has been in business for over 70 years, starting in a streetcar barn in Joplin, MO. They offer a wide range of cut, color, and coverage, giving us many options to provide the product you want. CertainTeed is a leading North American manufacturer of building materials ranging from roofing materials to insulation to decking. Headquartered in Malvern, PA, CertainTeed is always working on innovating their products and systems. Recognized as the largest wholesale distributor of roofing in the United States, ABC Supply Co., Inc. has made a name for itself in the home improvement industry. They have worked hard to gain an outstanding reputation with contractors, offering high-quality products at a competitive price. If you choose TPO roofing or rubber roofing, we have the product for that, too. We really like the results that the products from Firestone provide. We think you will like them, also.

When it comes to the siding of your home, we have you covered! We install a wide range of quality siding:

  • Cement
  • Fiber
  • PVC
  • Seamless
  • Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Wood Shake

Check out our full line of siding materials. If your home seems to need frequent painting or your heating and cooling bills seem to be on the rise, we have the answer for you.

We know that your windows are an important part of your house as they are one of the few things that highlight your exterior and interior. That is why we use high-quality products from Andersen Windows, a recognized name in the industry. We can repair your windows, too, using our know-how and the right tools. The Andersen Window can help reduce your heating and cooling costs while enhancing the look of your home. They’ve been in business since 1903 and know the industry better than anyone. Give us a call today to learn more about how easy it is to find the right windows for your home.

The experts at Brinck’s Exteriors know that you only want the best when it comes to your home or business and we agree. We take pride in our work and only use the best tools and products available to us. Contact us for more information about whether you are in need of repairs or your home just needs a makeover.

Dealing with Iowa Storm Damage and Insurance Companies

For those dealing with storm damage in their homes, insurance can be a wonderful thing. But often, dealing with insurance companies is no easy task. Policyholders dealing with disasters have enough to worry about without having to wait long periods of time just to get straight answers from insurance companies about whether or not the damage is covered. This can be a pain if you are also dealing with fixing the actual damage and making your home livable again. The last thing that you want is to have to wait days or weeks just to have your home repaired and move back in or resume normal living processes.

If you choose Brincks Exteriors in Iowa for your exterior home storm damage repair, we are here to help you deal with your insurance company and negotiate what damage and repairs are covered by insurance.

How to Deal with Your Insurance Company after Storm Damage

There are several things to remember when you are dealing with your insurance company after your home has suffered serious storm damage. Follow these tips for minimal hassle when discussing storm damage coverage with your insurance company:

  • Make a Plan: This step should be done before you even purchase storm damage insurance. Determine how all of the different processes work with your insurer of choice. This gives you an idea of what will happen when an emergency strikes.
  • Keep Records in Writing: Being certain that you have all agreements in writing will prevent misunderstandings and will make it much easier to communicate without confusion later on, when discussing coverage and claims.
  • Organize Documents Beforehand: Once you have everything that you need in writing (including all necessary official documents), making sure that the documents are safe, organized, and accessible will make the entire process go smoother. A list of possessions in your home is also helpful to have during disasters.
  • Have an Understanding of Limits: Having a basic knowledge of your coverage and limits can make it easier for you to choose the right repair and replacement services after any hail damage.
  • Regularly Inspect Home Conditions: Knowing what state your home was in beforehand can help you define the extent of the storm damage. Also, examine neighbors homes to see if the damage matches up at all – this can help to make your case more solid.
  • Discuss Insurance with Agent: Developing a relationship with your agent can make it much easier to get in contact with them right away when you need it most. Keep contacting your insurance company to make sure that they get back to you.

These are some of the steps that you can take to make your life easier when storms hit. Contact Brincks today to learn more about the storm damage repair services that we offer for your roofing, siding, windows, and gutters and about how we work with your insurance company. We are proud to serve the states of Iowa and Nebraska.

What to Do When You Have Hail Damage in Iowa

Hail Damage is Common Homeowner Problem in Iowa

Carroll, IA & Honey Creek, IA Deal with Hail Frequently in the Spring

Hail can damage everything from roofs, gutters, windows, and siding. Hail is the leading cause of damage in most states, outranking wind. Hail and wind cost a major insurance company $3.9 billion in the year 2012. Hail can range in size from little pellets of hail that can cause little to no damage, all the way up to softball size that can cause major damage.

Hail damage is typically unavoidable. During the spring you get stronger storms and it makes it a bit easier for hailstones to reach the ground.

Roofing Damage Caused by Hail in IA

Brincks Exteriors offers complete repairs for all your exterior needs for hail damage. Bricks will repair your roof, windows, siding, and gutters. By choosing Brincks Exteriors you receive quality workmanship, and our goal is to make their customers 100% satisfied. Our work is done in an efficient, timely manner allowing you to get back the important things in life more quickly. Brincks Exteriors uses all of the latest roofing materials on the market to assure that your family home is repaired with great quality in mind.

Siding Damage Caused by Hail in Des Moines, Carroll & Honey Creek, Iowa

Seamless siding is an excellent choice for your siding needs. Curb appeal is an important aspect to homeowners and having a siding that does not show seems would increase your home’s values.

Having seamless siding may increase your savings as they are more energy efficient. Today’s siding is installed with a vapor barrier that wicks elements away from your walls and affecting the temperature indoors.

Brincks Exteriors offer long-lasting, quality siding. You can rest assured knowing it will be at least 20 years before it needs replacing again. Brincks Exteriors offers a variety of siding options to choose from including wood shake siding, vinyl siding, and cement fiber siding.

Window Damage Caused by Hail in Carroll, IA

Brincks Exteriors offers quality windows made by Anderson Windows. Anderson Windows has gained a superb reputation for quality and energy efficiency. Brincks Exteriors offers several different window styles and options:

Single-Hung Windows: Simple windows that are low maintenance and very versatile.

Double-Hung Windows: Windows that are easy to operate and clean and look great in any home.

Casement Windows: Great for vertical openings, and provide maximum ventilation.

Sliding Windows: Easy to care for and work well in small horizontal openings.

Awning Windows: Stylish, work well for larger horizontal openings, provide plenty of ventilation.

Picture Windows: Make a great aesthetic addition and let in plenty of light – good for scenic overlooks and adding visual appeal to the home.

Bay and Bow Windows: Let in plenty of light, add seating, and bring the outside into your home.

Call us to learn more about the window installation and replacement options we have for Iowa homes and businesses. Storm and hail damage can leave homeowners and business owners feeling helpless. Brincks Exteriors is here to help. Call us to find out more.

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We hired Brincks Exteriors to install a new metal roof on our home. They got back to us very quickly to measure our roof and provide us with a quote. The crew was extremely friendly and the roof looks great. We’re very happy that we switched to metal! We highly recommend Brincks Exteriors!

Beverly - Des Moines

We had a very bad hail storm that damaged our roof, windows, siding, and many other parts of our property. We called Brincks Exteriors for an estimate on roof repair, window replacements, and to fix damaged siding. Jason was able to provide us with a quote to fix all our issues and gave us different options…

Tom - Carroll, Iowa

Our office needed a new roof after a hail storm damaged to the point where we began to have roof leaks. After having a great experience, we hired them to redo a flat roof on one of our other office locations.

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